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Shiatsu Massage: Acupuncture without the needles

Shiatsu Health offers relaxing Japanese massage therapy in the Andover, Winchester, Devizes and Newbury area. Unlike other forms of massage, shiatsu incorporates acupressure and chiropractic theory. It can help with a multitude of different ailments including muscle / joint pain, back pain, allergies, sleep problems and anxiety. It is also very therapeutic, and some people find it invigorating. I am Japanese and a fully qualified and registered shiatsu practitioner (MRSS) having graduated after three years at the London College of Shiatsu.  In addition to this, I have also studied shiatsu in Tokyo, and am a member of the UK Shiatsu Society.

Shiatsu (指圧), like acupuncture, treats and heals, by working on pressure points. However unlike acupuncture there are no needles, hence it being referred to as a type of acupressure. Techniques involve working on specific meridians, or pressure points, all over the body. It is very relaxing, so if all you want is a therapeutic massage it will do the job perfectly.

Shiatsu massage’s roots date back to at least the 6th century in Japan. In the 20th century it has been influenced by the western sciences of anatomy and physiology. It has incorporated practices such as physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment into the discipline.  It can therefore best be described as a hybrid of western and oriental medical theory. Since 1955 shiatsu has been officially recognised as a medical treatment and regulated by the Japanese Ministry of Health.

Shiatsu massage, like acupuncture helps with ailments by encouraging the body’s natural energy, or ki  to rebalance itself. Although in Japanese shiatsu literally means “finger” (shi 指) “pressure” (atsu 圧), I use  comfortable pressure and manipulative massage techniques to reduce aches and pains. This allows the body to balance its own energy flow or “ki” or “chi” (気).  Amongst other things regular massage and therapy treatments can help alleviate:


Aches, Pains, Stiffness

Back Pain

Back Ache


Sports Injuries

Stomach Problems


It also helps promote:

Good Sleep

General Health and Overall Well-Being

Shiatsu massage therapy is hands on, yet not intrusive. No acupuncture needles or oils are used, and you remain fully clothed. I prefer to do the massage with clients lying on a Japanese futon, which is how it is done in Japan. Clients are recommended to wear loose clothes made out of natural fibres, as this will create the optimal conditions for a relaxing and enjoyable massage.

My name is Kaori Horikiri MRSS (Mrs)  and I am a registered shiatsu practitioner. I practise in the Winchester and Andover areas. In addition to Winchester and Andover I also cover the Salisbury, Devizes, Southampton and the Newbury area, although most of my patients are in Winchester.  Other than the first session, my rates are £40 an hour.

My address is Old Winton Road, Andover, Hants, SP10 2DB. I can also be contacted on 07888 740484 . For a map and directions, please look at  the Contact Me pages.Shiatsu Society Logo

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